FBI rukavice / FBI gloves - Voće i povrće

This month`s FBI gloves, started by Maja from Cooks and Bakes, are dedicated to Andrea from Voće i povrće. I discovered her blog not so long ago and immediately fell in love with it. Andrea`s posts are interesting and always a pleasure to read. Her photos are breathtaking and she is my photographing role model along with a few other food bloggers. I (virtually) met her on a forum and she helped me a lot with my photographing skills which (I think) improved once I started to apply her advice. So thank you Andrea for your help, it means a lot! :)
I`m really impressed with Andrea`s recipes for savory dishes but I realized that for making most of them I lacked a few ingredients, especially some spices which I didn`t find here. So, I switched to sweet stuff and decided to make these Cranberrie muffins / Muffins s brusnicama.

I absolutely love bananas in cakes and found these muffins to be delicious and moist. I must admit that there were some problems in the preparation process. The batter was too thick so my mixer went bananas. :) I had to add some liquid to make it more smooth so I added 1 egg and a bit more milk. That did the trick and the muffins came out great. Another great thing is that I was I able to remove them from the paper cups really easy so that was a relief. All in all, excellent muffins!

Thank you Andrea for your great recipes and beautiful photos! You are such an inspiration to me!